• Topographic surveys using drone – Accurate drawings with contours, text, and symbols given in industry standard formats like AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, or text file.
  • Hi-resolution orthomosaics and orthophotos – Drones are used to provide synchronised, true-to-scale photographs from which direct measurements can be taken. 
  • Building and Structure Inspections by Drone – Building structures that are difficult to reach with traditional surveying methods. Our UAV bridge and building services make surveying simple and quick.
  • Roof Inspections via Drone – Drones can be used to quickly and safely assess roofs that are inaccessible or would require costly fall protection.
  • Contour mapping, digital terrain models, and spot levels – Drone surveying of enormous areas in a short amount of time in order to develop cost-effective contour mapping
  • Drone Point Cloud Surveys deliver large-area point cloud data for use in industry-standard software.
  • Calculations of volume – Calculate quantities quickly and safely.
  • Coastal Terrain Surveys Use drone surveying to precisely and affordably survey otherwise inaccessible coastal landscapes.
  • Flood Mapping by Drone – Drones are being used to map and explore flooded areas that are unreachable by land.