Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can detect security and terrorism-related threats and designate risky regions. Drones are the technologically advanced force multiplier, enhancing security services’ ability to control terrorism and fight evolving threats to defence and homeland security.

  • Anti Terror – To identify hazards and terrorist threats, enhanced monitoring with integrated AI is used.
  • Traffic Monitoring – Get real-time information in the event of an emergency, such as a road accident, and effectively divert traffic.
  • Crowd Surveillance – Gather important on-the-ground data to prevent or reduce unwanted incidents.
  • Counter Insurgency – Identify terrorist groups’ positions for counter-insurgency operations without endangering human life
  • Controlling crime – Monitor criminal behaviour and gather evidence to increase conviction rates.
  • Disaster Management – Plan effective rescue missions in emergencies using real-time information.
  • Forest and wildlife – More effectively monitor flora and fauna and plan reforestation and preservation operations.
  • Border Security – Real-time reconnaissance allows tracking suspicious actions around the clock.